People with Disabilities

JVS helps adults with a variety of disabilities achieve long-term success and fulfillment in work and life by helping them become independent and more integrated into their community.

Skill Building

Individuals build their skills and become more integrated into the community through meaningful volunteer work opportunities at local non-profits. These activities also help individuals refine their work skills if employment is desired.

Rehabilitation Services

JVS offers community-based assessments, training and job placement services to help individuals assess their abilities, enhance their skills and successfully obtain and maintain employment. JVS also helps individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income and/or Social Security Disability Insurance understanding the work incentives program and how employment may affect their benefits. View services »

Ticket to Work

Social Security’s Ticket to Work program offers career development services for people with disabilities who want to work. The program is free, voluntary and helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence. More info »

Adult Day and Activities Programs

Individuals with severe disabilities are assisted in learning work, social and community living skills in structured, supervised settings. 

  • Therapeutic Work Services - Individuals with traumatic brain injuries receive support services and compensation for work performed in this post-intensive rehabilitation program.

  • Pre-Vocational Training - Participants refine their skills to function more independently within a work environment.
  • JVS Work Center - Participants perform a variety of paid assembly, packaging and collating jobs at our supervised Work Center to help develop and refine their work skills and practice behaviors necessary for workplace success.
  • Activities Program - Individuals with chronic mental illness or developmental disabilities participate in recreational activities in the community to remain active and engaged. More info »

Adult Day Care

Adults who have a developmental disability and Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders enhance their quality of life at our Caring Companions Adult Day Care Program. This safe, secure and caring environment is designed to enhance the self esteem, well being and dignity of each participant while maintaining their highest level of functioning. More info »

Exercise Classes

JVS has partnered with Fuse45 to provide exercise classes for individuals with disabilities.  More info »